Welcome to Got The T-shirt

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Welcome to Got the T-Shirt

We have a fantastic selection of print and slogan t-shirts for men and women. From matching t-shirts for party weekends, slogan shirts to amuse or offend and print tees from artists and designers  –  our t-shirts come in a range of styles, sizes and colours for men and women.

They’re great as a unique gift, for friends on holiday, sports teams, stags, hens and birthdays or just to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t see anything you fancy or want a more personal slogan? Not a problem, at Got the T-Shirt you can create your own!

What are your t-shirts made from?

All of our t-shirts are 100% cotton, so they look, feel and wear fantastically. For guys our tees have a crew neck, whereas our girl’s t-shirts come with a flattering, feminine neckline.

How should I wash it?

Carefully, as you don’t want to ruin the best bits. We recommend washing at 30 degrees and inside out, as well as ironing inside out, too. But don’t worry; there are instructions for care on the label.

What colour can I have?

All of our ranges come in a selection of colours, and we’re always looking to add new stock for men and women. If there’s nothing in your favourite colour at the moment, or your favourite design isn’t available, it’s always worth checking back.

Don’t forget you can create your own if you want a completely original tee – which also includes kids’ sizes!

What’s the fit like?

We only sell the very best quality t-shirts, so you can be confident it will be a standard fit across all sizes. Our returns policy is simple, which is great to know if it doesn’t fit or you ordered the wrong size.

Take a look at our size guide for more information.

How do you print the tees?

We use a method called DTG (Direct to Garment).

We think this is the best way to transfer images as it’s a digital method where the ink is transferred directly onto the fabric. With DTG we can get a lot of detail into the design which means a high quality print every time.

What is the quality of the print?

It’s super quality, however, we always advise our customers to follow the washing instructions to ensure your tee looks great for as long as possible.

Where can I get my design printed on a t-shirt?

You can choose for your design to be printed on the back, the front or both!